Day One Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I participate in the Early Start Program and be in Day One?

    Yes, you can participate in both programs. If you do participate in the Early Start Program, then please make sure you inform the Day One office of which residence hall you would like to live in during the fall semester.

  2. Is there a deadline to register?

    No, there is not a deadline. We will accept applications until we have 300 students admitted in the Day One Leadership Community.

  3. Can I be in Day One and the Honor’s College?

    Yes, you can do both. During each of the last two years we have had several students participate in both programs.

  4. Are Day One students required to live in a particular residence hall?

    No, Day One students can live in one of the designated Day One residence halls (Rice, Cresswell or Moseley Halls) or they can live in a residence hall of their choosing.

  5. Will my tuition increase because I am in Day One?

    No, your tuition will not increase because you are in Day One.

  6. How do I apply for Day One?

    Go to the Day One webpage at, click on the Application button, and just follow the directions. The application is set up in such a way to allow you to work on it in stages. The only requirement for doing so is to complete the page you are working on and select the Save button at the bottom.

  7. Can you explain the application process?

    Once you have submitted your completed application, it will be reviewed by a member of the Student Leadership and Community Engagement staff. If the application meets the required standards, the applicant will be invited to participate in Day One via their Mississippi State e-mail account. The applicant can then accept or decline the invitation.

  8. Will I have a roommate that is also in Day One?

    If you choose to live in one of the designated Day One residence halls, you will have a Day One roommate. If you choose to live in a non-Day One residence hall, you will not have a Day One roommate.

  9. How many hours will I be required to volunteer for the Day One service-learning project?

    Each Day One student is required to contribute 20 hours of volunteer service. It typically works out to two (2) hours each week outside of class.

  10. Will I need to provide my own transportation to the service-learning sites?

    Someone can be in Day One whether they have transportation or not. We ask each applicant about transportation on the Day One application. We take that information and work to make sure each service team has at least three (3) members with a car so carpooling is possible.

  11. How will I be assigned a service project site?

    We look primarily at three factors when making service project assignments - service preferences from the application, the date the application was completed, and transportation.

  12. How many credit hours is the class?

    A student that completes the Day One class will receive two (2) hours of elective credit.

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